Firmware Update: LSI MegaRAID SATA 150-4/6 713G

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LSI Logic has released a new firmware version for its 4-port MegaRAID SATA 150-4 and 6-port MegaRAID SATA 150-6 intelligent Serial ATA RAID adapters. In the new release, a number of important bug fixes done. In addition to the firmware, Ctrl-M (text-based BIOS interface) and Web BIOS (graphical BIOS interface) were updated. The firmware can be downloaded from this location

Reason for Release

Bug fixes made

Bug Fix #1

Symptom: I2C debug port not working.
Fix: I2C debug port support was disabled by mistake when SAF-TE support was added. It has now been re-enabled.
How to Validate: Connect PIC controller (SATA debugger) in the I2C port and verify debugger is working properly.

Bug Fix #2

Symptom: Blue screen appears in the final stage of W2K installation.
Fix: Size of an internal memory array was defined insufficient, causing blue screen. Size has been increased appropriately.
How to Validate: Make sure W2K installation is properly completed.

Bug Fix #3

Symptom: Blue screen appears when heavy I/O on degraded logical drives (Physical drives having medium errors).
Fix: A queued command was never taken out for process and was waiting forever, leading to blue screen. New check has been added to avoid queuing medium error messages when the logical drives are in degraded mode. This resolves the issue.
How to Validate: Run heavy I/O on degraded logical drives having medium error and make sure there is no blue screen.

Bug Fix #4

Symptom: Mouse has EXTREMELY slow response during initialization of 40 LDs in WebBios.
Fix: Latest web Bios interface engine version. 3.10 that has the fix for this issue, has been updated.
How to Validate: Create 40 logical drives in web bios(Ctrl/G) and initialize the logical drives and check the Mouse activity.

Bug Fix #5

Symptom: LEDs are not flashing during disk access.
Fix: LED activity support was not there for fast I/O path. It has been added.
How to Validate: According to the user’s guide, J4 pin on the board is to show signals for Dirty Cache or Disk Activity. Connect LED on J4 pin and run I/O’s on logical drives make sure LEDs are flashing properly.

Bug Fix #6

Symptom: Rebuild is not aborted even when read error is in source drive. This issue is seen in both RAID1 and RAID5.
Fix: Rebuild was intentionally not aborted because of an existing support. It has been changed. Upon failing rebuild, we also invalidate the cache line allocated for the target drive to avoid data corruption.
How to Validate: Implant media error(s) on source drive used for rebuild and make sure rebuild fails when hitting medium error.

Bug Fix #7

Symptom: Firmware rebuilds a failed drive after reboot.
Fix: An interrupt from drive was misinterpreted as a drive insertion signal, which started the rebuild. It’s been fixed.
How to Validate: Fail a drive, reboot the system and ensure rebuild doesn’t start automatically.

Version number 713G
Operating systems DOS
Website LSI Logic
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License type Freeware
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