Firmware Update: Intel X18-M / X25-M 1.2

Intel has for its MLC SSDs of the type X18-M and X25-M new firmware out the door with 1.2 as the version number. This update addresses the serious issues that could occur in the Postville generation of these SSDs when changing the password, as mentioned earlier in this news article. The brief list of changes for this firmware update is as follows:

Intel SATA SSD Firmware Update Tool

This firmware update tool provides the latest firmware for the Intel X25-M/X18-M SATA SSD on 50nm (black case, G1) and 34nm (silver case, G2). This firmware will enable your SSD to deliver the best performance in your PC. Use this update tool to get the latest production firmware.

X18-M/X25-M (34nm product)

This firmware revision is for X25-M 34nm products only (X18-M 34nm products do not require this firmware update) and fixes the following two issues:

  • System hangs with BIOS drive password enabled
  • System inoperable when BIOS drive password disabled or changed

For updates and complete information on known issues see here.

X18-M/25-M (50nm product)

No change for 50nm products. The most current firmware stays at 045C8820

Version number 1.2
Release status Final
Website Intel
File size 2.53MB
License type Freeware