Firmware update: Eminent EM7080 hdMEDIA RT

Eminent has for his EM7080 hdMEDIA RTmedia player released new firmware, with as the version number. The included list of changes again shows several improvements. Particularly important is the reduction in firmware size, which should lead to a shorter boot time. The full list looks like this:


  • NTP Time synchronization added (system should be correct now.) Linux experts may change TZ in /usr/local/etc/profile if needed. (Default TZ = Central European Time)
  • System speedup: HDD1 Plug-in message will disappear after 3-5 seconds now.
  • Smaller flash size, boot-up time (with hdd) is now
  • Translations updated

Known issues:

  • In some cases “HDD1 Plug-in” can stay on-screen after a boot. It will disappear after playing a media file & pressing stop. This is being investigated.
  • Timezone can not be set by TV (Will be added in the future.)


  • More translations corrected
  • Removed some unused binary files to gain more flash space
  • Removed thttpd/PHP
  • Added Lighttpd/PHP FastCGI (solves several mysterious NZB errors)
  • Scripting cleanup


  • Corrected several translation errors(Dutch/English.)
  • Corrected formatting procedure to download btpd/smb/unicgi
  • Added SMB function (try ip-of-em7080)
  • Added BT function (http://ip-of-em7080)
  • Added UNICGI for webpage management.
  • Added NZBget (SSL supported)

Version number
Release status Final
Website eminent
File size 49.80MB
License type Freeware