Firmware Update: Draytek Vigor 2900/g/i/gi

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Draytek has a new firmware ready for you for its Vigor 2900 series VPN router. The update is available in two flavors; the first updates the firmware, but stays away from the settings, the second will also update the firmware but reset all setting back to defaults. The firmware update program, the Draytek router tool, is available for Windows, MacOS X and MacOS 9. The changelog for this release shows the following changes:

New Features:

  • Support the automatic negotiation of the WAN link speed
  • Add a Telnet command “show session” to show the current number/Maximum number of NAT sessions
  • Show the version of the wireless code in the wireless web page (WebUI)
  • Support QoS function
  • Be capable of securely accessing the WebUI to configure the router via HTTPS protocol


  • Improve the VPN performance.
  • Bad throughput performance when using soem FTP client to download big file from Internet

Corrected Problem:

  • ARP related
    • Reply to all ARP requests on the WAN side for compatibility issue
    • Send ARP request to the default gateway every 5 minutes for compatibility issue
    • Reply to all unicast ARP request on the WAN side for compatibility issue
  • VPN related
    • Fix the IKE proposal mismatch problem. That is, (otpsk1024des3md5 ==> otpsk1024desmd5) and (otpsk1024des3SHA1 ==> otpsk1024desSHA1)
    • Flush the data cache for HW-DES/3DES
    • Remove IKE_SUPPORT_PFS for better compatibility
    • Modify the IKE rekey method
    • Can’t set peerid in lan2lan setting by using CLI
    • Lan2Lan PPTP does not trigger the Internet when specifying the remote node in domain name format
  • NAT related:
    • Reset portmap by checking ACK and sequence number
    • Clean unused NAT sessions (UDP session per 180 sec and TCP session per 60 sec)
  • Wireless related
    • Patch VPN over WLAN bug (To avoid the user to access the router before establishing the VPN tunnel)
  • ISDN related
    • Faxing through VTA is smooth and robust ***


  • DMZ LED for Vigor2900
    • After enabling the DMZ function, the DMZ LED will be turned on
    • Once any packet passes through the DMZ port, the DMZ LED will be flash.
  • Modified “BAD IP” with “CONFLICTED IP” in DHCP assign table
  • When DNS server is the DMZ host and the NTP server is enabled, user can not query the DNS
  • Fill the ciaddr with “0” when sending DHCP request packets
  • Remove the “” banner in WebUI
  • Fix the reboot problem when type log -wt
  • Fix the BOD function
  • Can’t set an empty new password whenever an admin-password is created
  • NTP server is changed to “” when using Quick Start Wizard
  • Port 443 is scanned by using port scan while allow management from the Internet is disabled
  • Support telnet command to change WAN ip address from Internet
  • Online status has ip address by using DHCPC after using telnet command to do some configuration
  • Can’t configure the vlan setting by using Mozilla
  • Bypass the setting of password in quick start wizard once the password is set
  • Remove the duplicate to lan in IPFilter setting


  • Sharing folders between VPN tunnels does not work when the defense worm functionality is activated. Please use “mngt defenseworm off” in CLI to turn it off
  • Https does not work well with IE when using VPN over wireless(Only L2TP over IPSec)[break]

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS Classic, macOS
Website Draytek
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License type Freeware
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