Firmware update: Asus CUSL2

Our hero Max Payne announced that Asus has released a new BIOS for the CUSL2 motherboard with Intel 815E chipset. Details about the usefulness of this BIOS update are unknown, so let’s assume that new also means better in this case…

  • – CUSL2 BIOS With Audio Ver. 1006a 03/09/2001
  • – CUSL2 BIOS Without Audio Ver. 1006a 03/09/2001

    Notice: If you are going to upgrade BIOS from BIOS version 1001.A (and earlier) for CUSL2, please make sure the following item in the BIOS setup menu is set at [PCI/AGP] before updating the BIOS with v1.27 flash tool.

    Advanced -> PCI Configuration -> VGA BIOS Sequence

    In case the system is unable to start up properly after performing BIOS upgrade, please remove all the add-on VGA adapters from the system and start up the system with the onboard AGP graphics controller or clear CMOS. The add-on VGA adapters then can be installed after loading the setup default from the BIOS setup menu.

  • Version number 1006a
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux