Firmware Update: Areca ARC-11xx & ARC-12xx & ARC-1680 1.47

Areca has released new firmware for the raid controllers in the ARC-11xx, ARC-12xx and ARC-1680 series with 1.47 as the version number. This adds Advanced Power Management support for Hitachi hard drives, among other things, but it should be noted that Seagate, Western Digital, and Samsung hard drives are not supported due to the lack or malfunction of APM. The full list of changes looks like this:

Change Log For V1.47 Firmware


  • Fix R1+0 128K sequential read hang when stripe size is 4K, and odd number of HDD is used
  • Fix multiple volume set rebuilding sequence problem
  • 2009-1-15

  • Fix SNMP bulk request and response greater than 1500 bytes. Support UDP fragmentation.
  • 2009-2-16

  • If rebuilding+migrating, we need to use MIGRATING type init routine
  • 2009-2-18

  • Add DHCP get in inifinte loop if
    • DHCP is enabled
    • IP setting is
  • 2009-2-24

  • Add HDD APM support
    • Add HDD Power Management item
    • Stagger power on and standby functions are moved to HDD Power Management
    • Add APM Low Power Idle (2/3/4/5/6/7 minutes)
    • Add APM Low RPM Standby (10/20/30/40/50/60 minutes)
    • Original Standby time is added with max of (low power idle and low RPM standby) time. And HDD enter spin down state.
    • Only Hitachi HDDs are supported
    • Seagate and WDC hdd report that NO APM support
    • SAMSUNG report APM support and function is incorrect, we exclude Samsung HDD
    • If HDD is in Low RPM state, it may take longer than 8 seconds to spin up
  • 2009-2-25

  • Set raidTimeAccess during GetFreeRaidSet to prevent raidset hdd spun down immediately after raid created
  • 2009-2-27

  • check US daylight saving problem
  • ARC1222 add R5060 support
  • 2009-3-3

  • Fix GuiExpandRaidSet
  • 2009-3-6

  • Fix ARC1201/1200, after reboot, the controller missing
  • 2009-3-31

  • Fix SATA raid controller seagate HDD error handling
  • 2009-4-2

  • Fix ARC1200+supermicro M/B problem
  • ARC1680, modify SendAbortTask
  • 2009-4-7

  • Improve Error Handling
  • Add scdl_devmap_clear_reset_state
  • 2009-4-10

  • Fix ARC1201/1200 shutdown problem
  • Porting of PCI RAID card to support upto 4MB request for normal xfer
  • Driver Modification
  • 2009-4-16

  • ARC1201:reading of smart hdd temperature, if hdd pug/unplug may cause smart command to fail and may cause the hdd temp to be disabled.
  • 2009-4-29

  • ARC1680:Patch PMC-SIERRA expander for seagate hdd SATA_CONT problem,
  • ARC1680:Patch Vitesse expander for seagate hdd SATA_CONT problem,
  • PCI/E-RAID:Add NEW_DMA_HANDLING to support up to 4MB xfer per request
  • ARC1680:use link reset to abort timeout command
  • ARC1680:Fix seagate update firmware problem
  • Fix SetWriteMask for RAID6
  • 2009-5-8

  • Improve AJA performance
  • TYAN S5375 M/B (Intel5100 chip set), Intel specification update:cannot use read completion coalescing
  • 2009-5-14

  • 2009-5-15

  • 2009-5-21

  • ARC1680:fix JBOD mode scsi id assignment error
  • ARC1680/1212:CPU fan not detected by default
  • 2009-5-25

  • Improve SAFARI support, but not solved
  • 2009-5-27

  • Improve slow volume performance for ARC1680 by adding LOCAL_CACHE_LOCK and LOCAL_GLOBAL
  • ARC1680:transport changed to V4.7.2.0
  • 2009-6-2

  • Fix Opensolaris+ZFS to add device to mirror set in JBOD or passthrough mode
  • ARC1680 BIOS: add 3 minutes timeout
  • 2009-6-19

  • Fix ARC1201: check timeout for NON-Initialized channel
  • Do not rebuild all failed raidset:
  • Fix SAFARI 4.0 HTTP support, change ONCE random number
  • 2009-6-25

  • V1.47 2009-06-25 for All PCI model
  • 2009-7-2

  • Remove PING_PONG_PCIDMA support
  • Fix ARCHTTP problem for V1.47 if no ethernet port adapter is used ARC1110/1120/1200/1210/1220/1211/1221
  • Version number 1.47
    Release status Final
    Website Areca
    License type Freeware