Firmware update: Apple iPod 1.3

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Just after the introduction of the new iPod, Apple released a new firmware for the old models. After installing the update, iTunes 4 will be supported. In addition, you can enjoy better sound reproduction for longer. The changelog looks like this:

Changes since 1.2:

  • iTunes 4 support, including playback of AAC encoded audio files
  • Audio playback and user interface improvements
  • Increased playback time on scroll-wheel iPods
  • Longer standby time for all iPods
  • iPod users with any version prior to 1.3 should upgrade to 1.3.
  • iPod Software 1.3 is compatible with touch-wheel and scroll-wheel iPods without a dock connector.


  • iPod 1.3 MacOS X
  • iPod 1.3 MacOS 9
  • Version number 1.3
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    License type Freeware