Firmware update: Abit KG7 and KT7 Athlon XP update

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Costa writes: “The lucky owners of the Abit KG7/KG7-RAID and KT7A/KT7A-RAID v1.3 don’t need to buy a new motherboard to rack up their Athlon XP processors.” Updating your BIOS to version kg75e for the KG7 and kt7s5s for the KT7 v1.3 is enough to make your board Athlon XP compatible. Bad news is for those with the KT7, KT7E or KT7A v1.0, v1.1 or v1.2. These boards are not hardware compatible with the Athlon XP:

ABIT has release BIOS for KG7 and KT7A V1.3 to patch the CPU model name. If user did not upgrade to the latest bios, users can also manually set the suitable working frequency for AMD Athlon XP processors in SoftMenu BIOS.

AMD Athlon XP Processors SoftMenu III Setup -> CPU Operating Speed ​​->User Define Multiplier Factor CPU FSB Clock (MHz)

  • 1500+ 10 133
  • 1600+ 10.5 133
  • 1700+ 11 133
  • 1800+ 11.5 133

With above setting users can use AMD Athlon XP processors flawlessly. The incorrect CPU information during POST can be fix via BIOS update. As for KT7 and KT7A old version mainboards, which launched earlier than AMD Athlon XP processors, they are not hardware compatible with new CPU.

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