Firefox 85 gets option to import passwords from KeePass

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The next stable Firefox release will get support for importing passwords from KeePass and forks like KeePassXC. The browser has been able to handle CSV files from the Bitwarden password manager since Firefox 80.

The option will be added to Firefox 85, which should appear on Tuesday, January 26, also writes. Allows users to import passwords stored in KeePass to Firefox’s integrated password manager, Lockwise. To do this, users must export the passwords from their password manager to a CSV file.

Mozilla has been working on such an import function for some time. Since Firefox 80, the flag for this,, is already in the about:config page of the web browser. This is disabled by default. The import of Bitwarden passwords was thus already supported, Mozilla said with the release of Firefox 80 and writes Austrian developer Sören Hentzschel on his blog. Firefox 85 adds support for KeePass and various forks. The flag still needs to be set manually.

Currently, Firefox users can also import passwords from some supported browsers, such as Chromium-based web browsers, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft’s original Edge browser. Users can also export saved passwords from Firefox Lockwise to a CSV file. This allows users to correctly transfer their passwords to an external password manager.

Users can ‘import from a file’ passwords

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