Firefox 81 for Android will have the function to automatically close tabs

Mozilla integrates a feature in Firefox version 81 for Android that allows users to automatically close unused and still open tabs. It probably works much like the feature that has been in Apple’s Safari browser since iOS 13.

According to tech site Ghacks, this feature will be available in Firefox 81 for Android and is disabled by default. Users can manually turn on automatic closing and choose to close tabs after a day, a week or a month. For example, if a user chooses the latter option, all open tabs that were not active in the past month will be closed.

Firefox 81 is currently in beta and will be released later this month. Firefox 80 for Android was made available to a limited group of users a week ago. In that version, among other things, the back button has been reintroduced and the tab history can be called up after holding the button for a long time.