Fire in circuit board factory could have consequences for Galaxy S5 introductie introduction

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A fire at a Samsung supplier may have consequences for the number of copies of the Galaxy S5 that will be available when that device is introduced. The fire is said to have caused roughly $1 billion in damage.

The fire took place on Sunday at the DAP company in South Korea, a South Korean news agency reported. It took the fire service at least six hours to contain the inferno, which resulted in the loss of equipment with a total value of at least 700 million euros. The factory produced, among other things, circuit boards for the Galaxy S5, the new flagship from Samsung that should be released in April. It took 279 firefighters to contain the blaze and 15 people were said to have been evacuated.

According to Sammobile, Samsung emphasizes that it sources its circuit boards from multiple manufacturers, but the fire could nevertheless affect the number of copies of the Galaxy S5 that will be available at the launch. Introductions of new devices listen very closely; the loss of a large number of printed circuit boards can therefore have consequences.

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