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Finally: you can switch off previews at Netflix

The new season of You? You don’t want spoilers from that, not even a small one. Yet that was what you were served if you happened to visit You in search of another series. At first, you couldn’t turn off Netflix’s previews, but that autoplay hell is now behind us. It is finally possible to disable the previews on Netflix.

Previews on Netflix

It has been a reason for some people to cancel their Netflix subscription: the fact that you can’t actually have the app on your television open without playing anything of sound and image. In the menu, it is never really quiet because there is always a preview of a series.

Sometimes something that you don’t want to spoil yet (think of a series that is already in the fourth season, while you still have to start the first season) or something that might not be suitable for your four-year-old son in the room. Quickly run back to the remote control and set up something simpler. That stress is now a thing of the past because you can switch off previews on Netflix. 

This is how you plot previews on Netflix

To disable this option, open Netflix in the web browser on a desktop. You then go to the top right of your profile icon and choose ‘Manage profiles’. Select your account. You will then get the ‘Buttons for automatic play’ option. Here you can uncheck the bottom option, so “While browsing on all devices, previews are automatically displayed.” You can also set this on your mobile.

Netflix itself would prefer it turned on. it once wrote about this new user interface: “This uses video much more extensively to make content more vivid in real-time and to help subscribers decide whether to print ‘play’ or not.” Obviously, a series comes to life if you see a moving image of it, instead of being left to the often vague descriptions. It also seems to have an effect: it really saw more content. But yes, it was also something that subscribers found so annoying that it could even be a reason for cancellation.

Now that is over because you now have complete control over whether you want to see such a preview. Now you no longer need to be shocked when suddenly all unsolicited noise comes from your television

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