FIFA 18 for Switch runs at 1080p in console and 720p in handheld mode

EA has revealed more about FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch. The game runs at 1080p in console mode and 720p when used as a handheld. The game does not appear to run on the Frostbite engine, nor does it include The Journey career mode.

The Japanese company’s console version is called FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, and EA promises new ways to play single and multiplayer games on the console. The version will get Joy-Con support and multiple controller and screen configurations. A Switch-made Kick Off, Local Seasons, and Ultimate Team and Career modes are also present, but EA makes no mention of The Journey: Hunter Returns, FIFA 18’s career mode.

EA also talks about an advanced rendering technique, but not about the ‘Real Player Motion’ technology, as with FIFA 18 for the other systems. In addition, the trailer mentions that the Frostbite engine is used for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC version. The Switch is missing from this list. The FIFA 18 version for Switch therefore seems to be a somewhat separate version where not all functionality of the version for the PS4, Xbox One and PC is present.