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Features presumed successor Xiaomi Pocophone F1 come online

Specifications have been put online from a Xiaomi smartphone with the name Poco F2. Given the naming it seems to be the successor of the Pocophone F1. The Pocophone F2 seems to be running on a Snapdragon 845-soc and Android 9.

The specifications of the still unannounced smartphone appeared in a listing on Geekbench, so discovered Gizmochina. Because there is no further independent confirmation of the existence of the smartphone, it is still unclear how reliable the data are. The Geekbench data show that the Poco F2, which probably comes as the Pocophone F2 on the market, just like its predecessor has the Snapdragon 845-soc.

Furthermore, there is mention of Android 9, where Xiaomi are probably Miui shell has laid over it. The update to the Miui version of Android 9 recently came out for the Pocophone F1, so there will be little difference in terms of software. Because there is no further information about the specifications, it is also unclear where the F2 distinguishes itself from its predecessor.

The Pocophone F1 became very popular this year, due to the relatively low price for a smartphone with high- end specifications and a good battery life. It is not known when Xiaomi would like to release the Pocophone F2 and what the price is going to be.

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