Farmville 3 will be released on November 4th

The third part in the Farmville series will be released on November 4 for iOS, Android and Mac systems. The first part of this series of farm games came out on Facebook in 2009 and at its peak had over thirty million daily users.

In addition to the release date, developer Zynga has revealed that the farm game will feature over 150 animal species, with new additions including alpacas and tigers. The character Marie from part 2 returns, along with thirty other farmers. The game also features an active weather system.

In this game series, the player works on a farm. The aim is to raise animals, grow crops, cut down trees and fish. The games are free-to-play and contain microtransactions.

The first Farmville appeared in 2009 as a Facebook game. The game closed its doors last December because Facebook stopped supporting Flash. In 2012, the second part was released for Android, iOS and on Facebook. Three editions of that volume appeared. That game is still playable.