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Far Cry 5 Review – Good build-up in story

Far Cry 5

When it turned out that Far Cry 4 was more of a kind ‘3.5’, everyone knew that high demands would be placed on a possible fifth part. That happened, but fortunately also internally at Ubisoft. The results are impressive. Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry game since the first part of the series. It brings improvement and refreshment in various areas compared to the previous games. Especially the design of the story, which is built around four colorful characters, each with its own zones in the game, contributes to this, as does the much more open progression. The fact that the game looks great, plays well and continuously adds new elements to the gameplay, is added to that. If that is not enough, there is also the Arcade, with a multiplayer mode a challenge mode that comes complete with map editor. Far Cry 5 is not perfect either. The artificial intelligence of the soldiers in the game, for example, leaves something to be desired, but even then it is simply a dike of a game. The biggest drawback will be that despite the innovations that are there, it often reminds of Far Cry 3 and 4, thanks to the typical Far Cry-look. Every gamer must decide for himself how annoying that is. For us it turned out not to be a hindrance for the fun of the game.

Final verdict


” I’m curious if it’s not just a new skin anymore is for Far Cry 3. “It’s a telling reaction, at a random forum where we talked about Far Cry 5. When Far Cry 4 appeared, we praised the game for the excellent quality and the fact that we knew very well. to be entertained, but we did note that the game was actually a repetition of Far Cry 3. In everything from the gameplay to the visuals and the build up of the game, Far Cry 4 was a blueprint by Far Cry 3. In the interim appeared Far Cry Primal some things were handled differently, but that was mainly a snack.A Far Cry 5 the clean task to show that Ubisoft is capable of differentiation, so that Far Cry as a series relevant and worth remaining

Nevertheless, in a new way we Far Cry game always recognize previous games. There is such a thing as ‘the Far Cry formula’ and a developer will always retain parts of such a formula to prevent a game from falling out of the tone of the series. One of the basic elements in the Far Cry formula is an atmospheric environment where the ultimate mare is the boss. Previously it was Vaas on his tropical island, and Pagan Min in the mountains of Nepal. This time the ‘Far Cry 5 circus’ moves to the American state of Montana, where a certain Joseph Seed has the fictional region of Hope County in its power. Joseph calls himself ‘The Father’ and is the leader of a cult called Eden’s Gate. The members of the cult see in The Father a sort of modern Noah who will protect them when the world goes down – a role that Joseph Seed obviously likes to fulfill.

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The problem is that the cult is rather violent towards the other residents of Hope County, and has the necessary crimes on the conscience. So it is high time that the strong arm of the law intervenes, and you also hear that as deputy of the sheriff. It is the intention that you, together with a number of other agents, proceed to arrest Joseph. A difficult task, because The Father always knows himself surrounded by well-armed followers. The arrest attempt at the beginning of the game obviously does not run as planned. Eden’s Gate attacks the law enforcement officers and you, the deputy, are the only ones left. A mysterious figure called Dutch helps you escape and laps you up again. Then you find out that your three companions have been imprisoned by Eden’s Gate. The task is clear. You have to free your friends and turn Eden’s Gate off once and for all.

Of course that is easier said than done. Eden’s Gate is everywhere in Hope County. The executive part of this dominant position is arranged by Joseph’s family members. Jacob Seed is about recruiting new soldiers and is the boss in the mountains. John Seed swings the scepter in the southern valley and ‘frees’ people, while Faith oversees the production of Bliss in the river area. Bliss is a drug developed by Eden’s Gate itself that enables the sect to change people into unscrupulous fighters, but also into willing slaves. Actually you can stay far away from it, but you can not do that if you want to beat Faith.

The strong thing about the division of the game world into three large zones is that you actually play three games in a row, each time with a whole own atmosphere that depends on the intermediary you’re working on. In the Faith area, for example, you will find fields with flowers that have an intoxicating effect and which you will hallucinate. Also what kind of animals you encounter and what the landscape looks like varies by region. That keeps Far Cry 5 constantly fresh. Each ‘story arc’ ends with a final mission where you switch off one of the Seeds and blow up their bunker, until it is finally time to confront Joseph again.

The story and the protagonists are undoubtedly the strengths of Far Cry 5. That is not new in itself. What is new is the double layer that has been incorporated in the Far Cry 5 story. It is very difficult to tell too much about this without spoiling it. Let’s keep in mind that after the game, if you’ve finished playing the game and have thought about certain choices, you’ll find the story and the setting stronger than you initially thought. That’s more than any Far Cry game has done so far.

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