Fanatec introduces sim racing pedals with a starting price of 80 euros

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Fanatec introduces the CSL pedals for sim racing. The pedals have a starting price of 80 euros and can be expanded with the optionally available Load Cell Kit, Clutch Kit and Tuning Kit.

According to Fanatec the new entry-level pedals in the CSL series are an addition to the CSL DD. This steering base with direct drive motor was announced by the company at the end of April and has a suggested retail price of 350 euros. Fanatec will be releasing the CSL pedals together with the CSL DD in the third quarter of this year.

The pedals are made of metal and are non-contact Hall sensors to provide. A Load Cell Kit for the brake pedal will be available for an as yet unknown price. An extra pedal can be added with the Clutch Kit, which is also optionally available. The third upgrade option for the CSL is a Tuning Kit, which can be used to replace the pedals’ plating with versions made of anodised aluminum.

Fanatec has started taking preorders. The company promises that a whole set with all extensions will cost less than 200 euros.

Fanatec CSL Pedals without extensions (left) and complete set with Load Cell Kit and Clutch Kit.

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