Facebook will allow mutual payments via Messenger app

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Facebook now offers American users of its Messenger app the option to make payments to acquaintances. For this, a link is made with various debit cards. It is not yet clear whether the payment option will also be available in other countries soon

To send dollars to another Facebook user, a dollar sign must be tapped within the revamped Messenger app. After that, the amount can be entered to complete the transaction. The recipient must enter their debit card number once. According to Facebook, it takes one to three business days for the money to actually be transferred.

For the time being, the service only works with debit cards from MasterCard and Visa. It is possible to secure the payment function by means of a PIN code, while Touch ID can also be used on iOS devices. In addition to mobile phones, the desktop version of Messenger should also have the payment option.

Facebook reports that the new payment function is only available in the United States for now. No transaction costs would be charged. Furthermore, the social networking site claims that the payment system is extra secured and is continuously monitored by an anti-fraud team, and that the transaction flows run completely separately from regular Messenger traffic.

It is not yet clear whether Facebook will soon expand the payment option to other countries. Analysts also state that Facebook will offer a payment option in Messenger as a possible next step to enable low-threshold payments for purchases in online stores.

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