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Facebook sues company for advertising fraud with celebrities

Facebook has filed a complaint against ILikeAd Media, a Hong Kong company that placed fraudulent advertisements with celebrities. The malware was then placed on users who clicked on the ads.

On its website, Facebook announces that legal action is being taken against ILikeAd Media through a lawsuit filed in the US state of California. Incidentally, it is unclear what the company is betting on: Facebook probably wants ILikeAd Media to stop serving fraudulent advertisements, but it is not clear whether compensation is also required.

According to the indictment, ILikeAd Media placed fraudulent advertisements involving celebrities, but with the ultimate intention of secretly installing malware on the user’s device. The company also made use of cloaking, whereby the advertising link in Facebook’s systems was different from the one shown to users. For example, they tried to bypass Facebook’s search tools.

Fraudulent advertisements with celebrities also occur in the Netherlands. For example, many well-known Dutch people have been used for bitcoin advertisements, such as John de Mol, Alexander Klöpping and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Facebook promised to take action against such advertisements, something that was soon made mandatory by a judge. Incidentally, Facebook has appealed against that ruling.

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