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Facebook no longer allows personality testing and limits app rights

Facebook no longer allows apps with little ‘usability’ on the platform. The company specifically specifies apps such as personality tests. From now on apps can no longer ask for user rights that they do not need old user permissions are limited.

From now on, apps with little ‘ utility’ may no longer be offered on the platform. By this, Facebook means apps that make predictions or estimates about the personality or behavior of a user. This update of the Platform Policy should improve privacy and security on the platform, Facebook writes.

According to Facebook, the update ‘clarifies’ the policy that apps may not ask for data that does not make the app better for the user. Also, permissions that a user gives an app to, for example, access the contact list, get a shelf life. Permissions that are not used by an app for ninety days are considered expired and are revoked. From now on Facebook also says ‘periodically’ to view the permissions that an app requests and, if they are not being used, to remove them.

Although the Facebook message does not mention Cambridge Analytica specifically, it is obvious that these changes are related to the data abuse scandal. Cambridge Analytica used multiple personality test apps to collect data from users and friends of those users on a large scale.

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