Facebook is working on calling application with built-in blocking function

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Facebook will probably eventually come up with an application that should replace the existing calling function on smartphones. An early version was released, revealing, among other things, the existence of a built-in function to block phone numbers.

The existence of the application, with screenshot, was discovered by Android Police. The app is called Phone and seems to be primarily intended to replace the built-in dialer app of an Android smartphone. Phone was probably accidentally distributed via Facebook; after it surfaced, the company behind the social networking site confirmed to VentureBeat that it is working on the app.

In addition to a simple bell feature, Phone has a number of options, as is apparent from the description with the app. For example, information must be shown about who is calling; the data is probably taken from Facebook, although the details are not yet available. In addition, telephone numbers can be specified that are automatically blocked when an incoming telephone call is received.

It is unknown when Phone will be released. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment. Given that the app is already in the testing phase, a release can follow in the short term.

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