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Facebook is under scrutiny

Facebook has changed its privacy policy after investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated earlier that they are doing everything to act in line with the new European legislation on privacy (AVG). As a result of this research, they have clarified how information from users is collected, what this is used for and who has access to it.

When it comes to privacy, all eyes are focused on Facebook, partly due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal . The European watchdogs are watching Facebook, because a new investigation has to show whether Facebook adheres to the new European privacy law. The investigation will be done in Ireland, as the headquarters of Facebook is located in Dublin. What questions the watchdogs have exactly is not yet known. The investigation has not yet been officially started, but according to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, this will happen.

Measures Facebook privacy

Facebook announces that it has improved the tools and policies to provide more transparency and to give people more control over the information they share on Facebook. Last year, the Dutch Data Protection Authority came to the conclusion that Facebook was acting in violation of the privacy law. Users did not know exactly what happened to their data, shared more information with advertisers than they said, and it was not clear how users’ surfing behavior was mapped. In addition, Facebook used information about the sexual orientation of users to show targeted advertisements. At the urging of the European watchdog, Facebook stopped.

Whether Facebook does or does not comply with the AVG, will have to appear from the new research. What is at least clear is that Facebook has taken steps to better protect user data. Or better enough, that will tell the time.

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