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Facebook is investigating bug with active iPhone camera when scrolling through timeline

A Facebook executive says that the use of the iPhone camera when scrolling through the timeline is probably a bug and states that this is being investigated. Users discovered in recent weeks that the camera is active while viewing the timeline.

Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity at Facebook, responds to the discovery of a Twitter user on Tuesday. For the time being, this is the first social network response to the incident. In recent days, several news sites have reported that the camera of an iPhone appears to be active when scrolling through the news feed on Facebook.

A Twitter user already reported this at the beginning of November. That person watched a video on Facebook and saw the viewfinder of the camera appear when the phone was tilted. Last weekend, web designer Joshua Maddux discovered that the camera is also visible in the background by viewing a photo on the timeline and dragging it down a bit.

Maddox says he can reproduce this on five iPhones with iOS 13.2.2. The camera image is not visible on iPhones with iOS 12. There are no indications or proof that the camera actually records images and sends them to Facebook. It affects users who have already given the app permission to use the camera. As soon as users withdraw this permission, the camera is no longer active when using the app.

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