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Facebook estimates that Cambridge Analytica collected data from 2.7 million EU citizens

In addition to the publication of the total figures and the figures for the number of affected Dutch Facebook, Facebook has also made an estimate of the total number of European users, of which data have been collected by Cambridge Analytica. That number would be 2.7 million.

Reuters writes that the European Commission received a letter from Facebook on Thursday evening in which the company mentions the number. This involves ‘people in the European Union’. The letter would also give an overview of the steps Facebook has taken since the incident.

Wednesday evening, Facebook announced that there was access to the data of up to 90,000 Dutch accounts in the same way. Worldwide it would be about 87 million accounts, although Facebook said it was a ‘best possible estimate’. There was always a total of 50 million accounts.

The social media company recently came under fire again because it was in contact with US medical authorities about sharing data. That plan has since been stopped.

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