Facebook buys the team from the company Vidpresso

Facebook has decent competition when it comes to videos. YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat are running with interactive videos. That is why Facebook bought the team from Vidpresso, a company that makes online videos interactive. This way Facebook wants to use authentic videos with more interactivity.


Vidpresso is a six-year startup. Facebook does not buy the company, but only the seven employees and the technology. The company makes existing videos more interactive. They do this by adding interactive elements such as polls, charts or comments. They already do this for BMW, MTV and Fox Sports.

Vidpresso already has a history with Facebook. The company was too late in 2015 to approve the data rules. They got a reprieve then, but Facebook has never brought out why.

Interactive videos

Facebook highly values ​​video. The Watch Party tool and Lip Sync live are new features that also involve interactive videos. For Vidpresso, the profit is clear: their qualities are suddenly presented to a very large audience. And for Facebook it is useful, because they do not have to start developing interactive videos from scratch.


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