Facebook and Ray-Ban introduce smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories for 359 euros

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Facebook and Ray-Ban introduce Ray-Ban Stories. These smart glasses contain two built-in cameras for videos and photos, three built-in microphones for phone calls and voice commands and speakers for listening to audio. The price starts from 359 euros.

The frame of Ray-Ban Stories glasses contains two built-in cameras, each with a resolution of five megapixels. Next to the right camera lens is an LED light that lights up when the cameras are active and photos or videos are being taken with the glasses. The length of a video is a maximum of 30 seconds, according to Facebook. A maximum of 30 such videos can fit on the internal storage space that is not specified, or more than 500 photos.

A push button can be seen on the top of the right leg of the glasses with which a photo can be taken or a video recording can be started. Hands-free recordings can also be made by saying the voice command, “Hey Facebook, take a picture”.

The glasses contain three microphones for phone calls, audio recordings or the voice commands. Using an algorithm, the background noise is filtered out during telephone conversations. Speakers are built into each pair of glasses that are aimed at the wearer’s ear. According to Facebook and Ray-Ban, this allows music and other audio to be listened to from a smartphone. The connection is made with Bluetooth 5.0. Audio can be controlled via a touchpad on the side of the glasses. For example, it is possible to select a next or previous track or to adjust the volume using gestures.

Ray Ban Stories

The glasses work together with the Facebook View app. All recordings made with the smart glasses automatically appear here. Users can then share the footage via this app. In this app, in addition to photos and videos, users can manage various privacy settings. Facebook reports that only a command from the user can trigger recordings. It is also possible to turn off the smart glasses via a built-in switch and the photos are stored encrypted.

The smart glasses last for six hours on a charge, according to Facebook. The capacity of the built-in battery is not yet known. After seventy minutes in the supplied case, the battery is fully charged again. After thirty minutes the battery would be half charged. A fully charged case could recharge the smart glasses three times.

The glasses are available as Wayfarer, Round and Meteor models. These models come in different colors and with different lenses. In total there are twenty possible variations. The standard version costs 329 euros, a version with polarized lenses costs 359 euros and a version with photochromic lenses costs 409 euros. Ray-Ban Stories is available for purchase through Ray-Ban’s website and in the eyewear brand’s physical stores in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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