Facebook also speaks out against Apple’s commission policy in the App Store

Facebook has been critical of Apple’s policy of charging 30 percent of revenue from transactions made within iOS apps. With this, the company joins Epic Games and Spotify, which have previously ruled against Apple’s policy.

Facebook made its comments in a blog post where it announced a new service that allows companies and organizations to offer paid events; interested parties can register for an entrance fee via the Facebook app. This concerns online events that can be organized, for example, via a live stream.

In its post, Facebook explains that it does not require a commission from small businesses and freelancers who offer their events, while large companies will have to pay. However, this is different for events organized via iOS; Apple requires a commission of 30 percent for transactions that are made in-app.

Although Facebook has tried to cut or cut commissions on iOS, Apple disagreed, something Facebook has expressed disappointment about. With the statements follows the social networking site Epic Games, which recently built its own payment system into Fortnite, and was therefore removed from the App Store. Epic Games then spoke of an abuse of power by Apple.

Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple over the tariffs. Spotify did this earlier, as the music streaming service felt that the payment of 30 percent is disproportionate. However, Facebook does not speak of legal action.