Evidence shows Apple hasn’t stopped developing AirPower

Evidence shows that Apple is still working on its AirPower wireless charger. The iPhone XS packaging and code in the recently released iOS 12.1 beta mention AirPower by name.

In the beta of iOS 12.1, the code that shows the interface when users place their device on the AirPower has been updated, claims 9to5Mac. That shows that Apple is still working on its wireless charger, according to the site. In addition, the manual for the iPhone XS released on Friday shows users how to put the phone on the AirPower.

Earlier this week, it was rumored that the AirPower would not be released due to various development issues with the product announced last year. Apple did not mention the AirPower during its iPhone announcement last week and took the product off its site.

The latest statement from Apple is that the AirPower will be released this year and that deadline can still be met. For some time now, the manufacturer has stopped saying anything about its wireless charger. Apple wants users to place iPhones, AirPods and the Apple Watch anywhere on the mat for wireless charging, but there are several technical issues that make development difficult, such as interference between the various coils for the different products. Apple announced AirPower in September last year, along with the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus.