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The European Parliament calls Kaspersky Lab 'evil' in its adopted resolution

On Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution on European security cooperation in which security company Kaspersky Lab is labeled as “malicious.”

The aim of the adopted resolution is to strengthen European security cooperation, because fragmented strategies would make the EU vulnerable to internet attacks, according to parliament . The resolution also contains a passage about the Russian security company Kaspersky. “The European Parliament asks the EU to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the software, it and communications equipment and infrastructure used in the institutions, to exclude potentially dangerous programs and equipment and to ban programs and equipment that have been confirmed as malicious such as Kaspersky Lab, “according to the resolution.
Ceo Eugene Kaspersky called the resolution earlier this week ” a step backward “. It is unclear how the confirmation of Kaspersky Lab as a malicious party is based. The document itself does not provide supporting information for this. The resolution, which is not binding, but can influence policy, follows the decision of the Netherlands to ban Kaspersky Lab software for the central government . According to Minister Grapperhaus, it can not be ruled out that misuse of the software is made. To curb this risk, the government wanted the anti-virus software from Kaspersky to disappear. The US took a similar earlier. As a countermeasure, Kaspersky Lab moved its infrastructure to Switzerland .
On Tuesday Kaspersky also announced that it had filed a indictment against former professor Willem Vermeend and De Telegraaf, because the newspaper had an interview with ‘Nieuwsuur-expert’ Rian van Rijbroek published in which she claimed to have broken into the Wi-Fi network of the Kaspersky office. According to the security company, there is no evidence for this. Earlier it also said that Van Rijbroek wanted to sue .

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