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European Parliament agrees with fingerprint obligation on ID cards

The European Parliament has agreed to new rules on identity cards. The European ID card receives a photo and two fingerprints. In the Netherlands, the ID card has had no fingerprints for several years.

The European Parliament voted in favor with 339 votes in favor and 269 against, and if the European Council approves the rules, they will come into force two years later. Current ID cards will then remain valid, but when applying for a new one, the Dutch must issue fingerprints. This is already mandatory when applying for a passport.

With the photo and fingerprints on the passport, the European politicians hope to combat identity fraud. Every six years, the European Commission checks whether the rules make sense and whether they actually combat identity fraud. The new rules mean a change for the Netherlands, but fingerprints on the ID card have been mandatory in Belgium since this month. The Dutch government opposed these rules.

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