European lawmakers on the brink of making USB-C for smartphones mandatory

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According to those involved, EU member states and the European Parliament will reach an agreement on 7 June on the standardization of charging ports for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics. The obligation of USB-C would then be definitively implemented.

For the time being, EU member states and the European Parliament are still discussing the bill regarding the obligation to use USB-C for consumer electronics. On Tuesday 7 June there will be a next meeting where the knot according to Reuters sources is cut through. One of the points of discussion for the time being is the scope of the law; in addition to smartphones and tablets, laptops could also fall under the bill.

If the law is passed, manufacturers will have two years to include the USB-C charging standard in new products. This has been in the pipeline for years, although there has been no concrete implementation of the law so far. In a recent vote by a committee within the European Parliament, it was almost unanimously decided that USB-C should become the new consumer electronics standard. The anonymous Reuters sources report that also at the recent meeting of EU member states and the European Parliament there is a “strong will to finalize the matter”.

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