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EU threatens to delete 300,000 .eu domains from Britons due to Brexit

It seems to me that the EU is still doing its utmost to frustrate the Brexit result.

Referenda are complicated, but they can work just fine. Just look at Switzerland. This could work fine in the Netherlands as well, which just needs some time. It’s better to have a few convoluted referendums than nothing at all.

I also think that people are staring too blindly at these so-called big benefits of the EU. In this topic we saw earlier the arguments that it is so nice that we can travel freely within the EU countries, and that paying with the Euro is so easy on vacation. What nonsense, which once or twice a year you can wait at a border, swapping is not so difficult through the digital age and electronic payment. In any case, no reason to give up your freedom and sovereignty during the rest of the year. It is not that we did not go on holiday to Austria, France or Spain. This can now be better controlled by smart applications. In the future, inspections and delays will be reintroduced in my opinion, caused by the complete migrant fail of which the EU is the cause.

That brings us peace. We owe peace to NATO, not to Brussels. Mankind has also changed and has modern, more social and global views, not a German who today will still like to attack Poland or France as a country.

Scandalous also how in this topic some people talk about the British. (They have opted for knit so they have to stop now as well) We owe our freedom to them, not to that EU puppet show!

What we should fear in the future are complete civil wars, caused by the massive import of Islam by the same “beautiful” union has forced us.

That will cost us a lot of misery and money, you also lose that small financial advantage right away. Yes the big companies and the elite are well-deserved, but as a citizen you have already lost that little advantage to the petrol that you throw in your car. The Euro is now so weak against the dollar that your profits evaporate faster than petrol. ;)

Mutual trading and the open market is fine, but we do not need a complete political union for that. And here, too, the necessity of the union has almost passed through the digital age. People buy goods in China or the US just as easily as you do on

As a small self-employed person, I am rather active with trade to Belgium, in that respect I should also be heavily Pro-EU. However, I look a little further to only our own financial gain in the short term. I look at my own country, the sovereignty and the future of Europe.

Our governments can sometimes be weak in their decision-making, but a so-called strong higher government if the EU ultimately will never become something decent in my opinion. Too much difference in cultures, too many interests, too much corruption and too much lobbying by large companies and banks.

Meanwhile The Hague is shifting more and more responsibilities to the local council, but for the same money we will land to be ruled by the Germans, or the French … the Spaniards perhaps? The Turks in the long run? (They prefer to pick up those madmen in Brussels tomorrow with their expansion urge)

Once again I am just as a simple citizen for a good cooperation between the countries in Europe, but for me it is clear that this will not work. A heavy reform is necessary, dividing it into a number of blocks of comparable countries and a number of different currencies that can devalue seems to me the solution.

But then we will eventually have to get rid of that very corrupt puppet show in Brussels and Strasbourg, madmen such as Verhofstad, Franske Timmermans and Juncker are not the outcome. They live in their own bubble, they really think they are doing well … but in the meantime they have no eye for the normal population groups here in Europe, which for the most part does not really have that side of a political union / superstate. want to.

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