ESET now in Europol’s Advisory Group on Internet Security

Good news for ESET, it has become a member of Europol’s Advisory Group on Internet Security. The ESET representative in the group is IT security industry veteran and Senior Research Fellow Righard Zwienenberg. The group works within the European Cyber ​​Crime Center of Europol.

“The task of ESET is to protect hundreds of millions of users while simultaneously informing and raising awareness of cybercrime In some cases, we join forces with the law enforcement and the police to track down cyber criminals Now we are better prepared to advise the group when our input and knowledge can serve to protect online users and to combat cybercriminal operations, “ says Righard Zwienenberg, Senior Research Fellow.


Europol has set up the European Cybercrime Center to strengthen police and judicial response to cybercrime in the European Union and to help protect European residents, organizations and governments from online crime.

Since its founding, the Center has made an important contribution to the fight against cybercrime. It has been involved in dozens of high-profile operations and hundreds of on-site operational support tasks. Europol is the law enforcement agency of the European Union.


ESET cooperates with authorities when it is necessary to bring cyber criminals to justice, regardless of where they are located – inside or outside Europe. In December 2017 security researchers from ESET worked with various authorities including Europol, to roll up a major botnet operation under the name ‘Gamarue’. The reputation of ESET is the result of the transparent way of working in the past 30 years.

With clients in more than 200 countries and territories, ESET is an international organization that protects millions of endpoints around the world, including millions of small businesses and thousands of enterprises. Our globally distributed R & D teams consist of some of the most productive and celebrated researchers in the world. This diverse group of industry professionals has received numerous awards for their research and discoveries over the past three decades, putting ESET further positioned as a leader in IT security.