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Epic Games takes over company that scans objects in high resolution

Epic Games has acquired Quixel, a company that makes scans of objects and environments for use in 3d engines. The scans are made available free of charge to all Unreal Engine 4 users.

Quixel calls his recordings Megascans. This involves detailed digitization of all kinds of objects and textures. The company sells those assets and also makes the Bridge and Mixer programs to sort and process the scans.

Now that Quixel is part of Epic Games , all Megascans are free to use for developers working with Unreal Engine 4. The assets also remain available for other programs, but then you have to pay. However, the price of the Megascans is halved.

New versions of the Bridge and Mixer software programs are made available free of charge. Previously it had to be paid for. Quixel promises to give Unreal Engine 4 developers money back if they have subscribed to the Megascans this year. What Epic Games paid for the acquisition was not disclosed.

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