Epic Games and LEGO team up on ‘kid-friendly metaverse’

The LEGO Group has partnered with Fortnite developer Epic Games. The two companies will jointly work on a ‘child-friendly space in the metaverse’. It is unknown when it will be available.

Epic Games and The LEGO Group not yet revealing details about the intended metaverse space, regardless of the fact that it has to be created. The companies have said they have agreed to adopt three principles when developing and managing the virtual space, with regard to ensuring the privacy and safety and well-being of children. In addition, children and parents must have the means to determine their experience.

It is not known what the digital space will look like, but Epic Games speaks of a family-friendly space where children are given creative tools and play opportunities in a “safe and positive space.” The studio says it will use SuperAwesome’s technologies. That company offers technologies to provide “secure digital engagement for children under 16.”

The LEGO Group and Epic Games do not share a schedule for the project, so it is not known when it will be released. The two companies already have experience producing metaverse-like spaces and products for children. Fortnite has grown into a kind of metaverse in recent years, in which in-game events and concerts by major artists have been given several times in recent years. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney previously indicated that Fortnite should eventually become a metaverse. The LEGO Group has previously released creative sandbox games, such as LEGO Worlds in 2017, and also previously released a moderated social network for kids that allows kids to share their LEGO creations and chat through emoticons and stickers, among other things.