Enermax introduces passively cooled 550W power supply

Enermax has presented a power supply with a power of 550W, which does not have a fan for cooling. The Digifanless 550W can be read out digitally with Enermax’ Zero-Delay Power Monitoring System.

The Digifanless 550W is the top model of the Enermax power supply line. The power supply is passively cooled by an array of aluminum heatsinks. The manufacturer claims that the psu has a peak efficiency of 93 percent and the model also has an 80 Plus Platinum certificate. In addition, the power supply is equipped with modular cable management and each cable is individually finished with a sleeve.

Users can read data digitally using Enermax’s zdpms software. This concerns, for example, voltage, current, efficiency and temperature. The application makes it possible, among other things, to adjust the 12V voltage up or down by 3 percent and to switch between single or dual rail mode. In addition, the software can give warnings if, for example, the temperature rises too high.

The Digifanless 550W will be available in Europe this month. However, the price is not yet known.