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End of Windows 7 support Microsoft grows sales from Windows 10

The approaching end of support for Windows 7 ensures that Microsoft gets more revenue from Windows 10. In the business market, Microsoft earned more with Windows 10 licenses.

The growth was only on the business side, Microsoft says in the discussion of its quarterly figures . Consumer products saw a decline in sales from Windows 10 in the last quarter. Microsoft thinks that sales from Windows 10 will continue to rise in the near future. The support for Windows 7 will stop early next year. Upgrades are gradual, including at Dutch municipalities .

Turnover from the Surface and Xbox divisions fell slightly, mainly due to the timing of the release of new hardware. The new Surface Pro, Pro X and Laptop will only be released this fall, which means that many customers will probably have waited to purchase a new device. Moreover, there is no new Xbox console this year, so console sales are also declining. Except for Surface, Microsoft only mentions percentages compared to the same period last year, but not specific sales figures.

The Azure division of Microsoft, just as has often happened in recent years, experienced a large increase in turnover. This time the increase was 63 percent. The three divisions of Microsoft, namely Intelligent Cloud, Productivity and More Personal Computing, are now each about the same turnover. Sales from Microsoft as a whole increased by 14 percent to around $ 33 billion. Operational income amounted to 12.7 billion dollars, an increase of 27 percent.

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