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Employees had to listen to 1000 Siri recordings per day

Employees engaged by Apple to improve Siri had to listen to around 1000 recordings per service. Apple has since stopped practicing, potentially causing hundreds of temporary workers to lose their jobs.

That report Irish Examiner on the basis of an interview with a former employee of Globe Tech, which has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland and has been hired by Apple to listen and improve Siri. According to the source, the employees involved in the project were expected to listen to around 1000 recordings a day. Each fragment had to be assessed.

Although Apple now is listening to Siri conversations stopped , the company said earlier this month that were listened to only a small part of the interaction with the voice assistant. If the story of the source of the Irish Examiner is correct, a large number of recordings were nevertheless listened to daily. There were probably hundreds of employees involved in the project, which meant that hundreds of thousands of conversations listened to every day. Most of them would be listened to by English-speaking users, although it is known that Dutch conversations were also analyzed.

In the meantime, many major tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, have admitted that they sometimes listen to conversations with their voice services in order to improve the quality of the service. Apple revealed at the end of last month that employees were hired to listen to Siri conversations. Employees indicated that they sometimes heard confidential conversations.

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