Elsa Gloria II (Quadro) review

GamePC has a review posted of the Elsa Gloria II, a video card with nVidia Quadro chipset and 64Mb SDRAM. The supplied drivers were specifically optimized by Elsa for 3D Modeling programs such as 3D Studio Max. Unfortunately GamePC has no 3D Modeling benchmarks (it does have a 3DMax render benchmark, but the video card is not used for that). In the gaming benchmarks, the Quadro performs at about a comparable level to the normal GeForce.

At first glance, we thought we were looking at the wrong card. The GLoria II is astonishingly small for a 64MB video card, usually 64MB+ professional video cards take up full length slots and barely fit in most cases. This card, with twice the RAM as a normal GeForce, is quite a bit smaller than any we’ve tested. Elsa’s custom card design, combined with large 8MB memory chips (most video cards have 2 or 4 MB chips) allow for this card to be nice and small, while staying just as powerful. The heatsink/fan combination is a little larger than your standard video card cooling set, seems the higher clock speed calls for a slightly larger heatsink than GeForce cards.

Elsa has long been known for their custom driver sets, and of course, this tradition lives on with the GLoria. Elsa includes their PowerDraft drivers, for hardware acceleration for AutoCad 2K, as well as MAXExtreme, for accelerated 3D Studio performance. Elsa includes all of these in a single bundle, known as the Elsa WINMan Suite. We’ve seen better software suites, after all, this same software has been included with all of Elsa’s previous boards, it’s just modified a little bit for the GLoria.