Elsa Erazor X review

3D Colony has a review of the Elsa Erazor X aimed down. This GeForce card turned out to be reasonably well overclockable with a maximum core/mem setting of 148/180Mhz:

This is usually the part you freaks like to read. I know, I’m one too. I’m sure you all know that overclocking you card might damage it! At least you reduce the lifespan of it. ELSA Erazor X did overclock pretty well! I tried first to raise it to 183MHz (maximum for this card) but saw instantly graphical anomalies on the desktop. The MHz was too high so I reduced it to 180MHz and everything seemed to work fine. Next up I started to raise the core speed. I fired it up to 150MHz and ran the Q3A timedemo1 couple of times. The system locked up. I then reduced the core to 148MHz and no lockups occured anymore. So I got the ELSA Erazor X to run flawlessly at 148Mhz core and 180MHz memory. You will see in the benchmarks that overclocking this card gives you a slight performance boost in higher resolutions. In lower resolutions the results are pretty much the same with a non-overclocked card.