Electronic Arts postpones Xbox 360 version of Titanfall until March 28

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been delayed until March 28, publisher Electronic Arts announced. This gives developer Bluepoint Games, responsible for the Xbox 360 version, time to make the final adjustments.

While the Xbox One and Windows versions of Titanfall are being developed by Respawn Entertainment, Bluepoint Games is responsible for the Xbox 360 version. In the past, Bluepoint has mainly been responsible for ports and HD rereleases of Flower, a number of Metal Gear Solid and a number of God of War games, among others.

The announcement came via Electronic Arts’ official news page. Titanfall is the first title from new studio Respawn Entertainment, which is largely made up of employees who left Infinity Ward after conflicts between developer and publisher Activision. The game has been in development since 2011. The Windows and Xbox One versions of the game will still be released on the planned date, March 13. The Windows version requires Origin.