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Dylan Haegens film trailer takes 1 million views on YouTube

Dutch YouTuber Dylan Haegens has made a film that will premiere next week (12 August). The trailer of that film was immediately well viewed, but now the million views have passed on YouTube. That is as good as unheard, so the expectations for the success of the film are now also high.

Haegens, who is structurally in the top ten YouTubers of the Netherlands with 1.3 million followers, is extremely enthusiastic of course. The film also gets all possible attention outside of YouTube and on its own channel, of course, everything revolves around the film.

Crowd puller

The film revolves around Dylan himself and the team he makes his videos with. So it is a movie from a YouTuber about a YouTuber. In the story, Dylan is bothered by someone else who makes his videos, but better, and earns a lot of money with that. But how? Dylan goes to investigate with his friends before he is ruined by his nemesis. It looks cheerful and the trailer is certainly entertaining an sich.

The interesting thing is whether all those views on YouTube (where Dylan’s audience is of course) now also translate into crowded cinemas. It is a film that is mainly aimed at young people (not to say children) and that means that the general public may not be eager to watch the film. If the general public on the other side is rushed by the kids towards the cinema, it could be a great success. Anyway: it will be a nice test case to see if success on YouTube can also be converted to success in the bios.

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