DVD player sales exceed VCRs

The US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced that in the fourth quarter of 2001, DVD players sold more than VCRs: more than 1.5 million DVD players compared to 1.1 million VCRs. This is the first time since the introduction of DVD that DVD player sales have surpassed VCR sales. According to the researchers, the main reason is the falling price of DVD players, making it affordable for consumers to own both a DVD player and a VCR. The better picture and sound quality also play a role.

Despite the success of DVD, VCRs (14.9 million) were sold more than DVD players (12.7 million) in 2001:

DVD dominated manufacturer-to-dealer sales of video products in the third and fourth quarters of 2001, further solidifying the digital revolution according to year-end sales figures from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). DVD unit sales exceeded 12.7 million units in 2001, continually outselling VCRs from September through December.

[…] Despite the acceleration of DVD sales in the latter half of 2001, VCR sales came out on top for the year totaling 14,910,476 units compared to DVD’s 12,706,584 units. The DVD total represents a 49.5 percent increase over 2000 DVD unit sales.

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