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Dutch company for inkless printing gets investment of 1 million euros

The Dutch company Inkless, which was created as a spin-off from TU Delft, has received an investment of 1 million euros to improve its technology. The company focuses on inkless printing of packaging. It is not clear who the investors are.

Inkless will use the money to make his technology faster and improve the quality . For the resulting product, the company is looking for a customer in the market for packaging and labels. In the long term, Inkless wants to expand to other print markets. According to the company, his technique is also suitable for office and consumer printers. The advantages are that no ink, cartridges or toners are needed anymore.
A disadvantage is that the technology only allows black printing on white paper. The Inkless technique is based on carbonization. “If you try to use a thin material like paper in a normal way, you will soon burn through the paper and the print will not be permanent and insufficiently black.”, said co-founder Arnaud van der Veen previously at TU Del۔
Together with co-student Venkatesh Chandrasekar and the Optics Research Group at TU Delft, Van der Veen developed the technique, gaining better control over the carbonization process and less deeply need to print. “We have also developed a solution that ensures that the print is sufficiently black and also permanent.” Inkless has obtained patents on the technique, which among other things works with lasers. Inkless hopes to receive another investment at the end of 2018, for the actual production of a printer.