During the Big Data Expo you will also hear everything about AVG / GDPR & AI

On Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September there will be another edition of the Big Data Expo . As always held at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. This is where supply and demand from the big data sector come together. It is the only event in the Benelux that focuses solely on all facets of data management. And with 5,000 visitors, 100 lectures and about 85 exhibitors, this is the event when it comes to big data.

Data Science and Analytics and Business Intelligence & Digital Innovation have already been discussed. And so we look at the following important topics that will pass. Naturally AVG & GDPR can not be lacking. What are the opportunities or the pitfalls of this new privacy legislation? And Artificial Intelligence will not be missed during this exhibition. Do you want to know more about this and do not miss anything about these trending topics? Sign up now for the Big Data Expo .


At the end of May 2018 the time had come, the introduction of the new privacy legislation. What would the impact be. Some were correcting this moment to Millennium-like proportions. A few even had the internet about the end of the age. All a bit exaggerated of course. Yet it is indeed of impact on many organizations and companies.

The GDPR is really not just a ‘burden.’ It is certainly also an opportunity. And if you’re going to work with it like that, you can be a few steps ahead of the competition by offering more tailored service and offers.

How to do that exactly is not yet entirely clear for many organizations. But one of the reasons to visit this event. Who really wants to know everything about the ins and outs of this legislation should not let Big Data Expo pass by.

Artificial Intelligence

Beer brewed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or AI for identifying animals. These are only 2 examples of what AI is capable of. There is more to say and write about this topic. At the base of AI is of course a huge amount of data. With the help of a good IT infrastructure and algorithms, artificial intelligence can then be reached that makes decisions.

During the rise of AI, a few years ago, all the necessary questions arose whether the development could not cause unpleasant situations in the future. The fear that ‘devices’ get their own will seems unfounded. So a future as outlined in the movie Terminator is still a long way from our bed show. According to Bill Gates, AI can be the friend of man. Everything about this subject, and for example how you can use it, you can hear during the Big Data Expo.

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Curious? And do you want to know more about GDPR / AVG and of course Artificial Intelligence? Block then 19 and 20 September but in your agenda, because then you want to be present at the Big Data Expo. Signing up is free: