Drone helps swimmer in rescue action Valencia

About drones both positive and negative sounds can be heard. After the attack on the president of Venezuela the risks of drones predominate. Drones can carry hazardous substances or explosives. In addition to the possible dangers, drones also provide decoration and safety. Light shows with drones are breathtaking to see. They are also used to drive birds away from airplanes.

Drone in rescue operations

Drones also contribute to safety. More and more lifeguards use drones to speed up rescue operations of swimmers in difficulty. In Australia, Germany and Iran, the rescue workers already have drones that are used in emergencies.

The drones are suitable for rescue operations in two ways. They can transport life-saving equipment. But the drones also have built-in cameras, which the drone pilot sees and can then pass this information on to rescue workers who are on their way.

Rescue drone Valencia

This week there was another rescue operation in which a drone was deployed in Valencia. The drone was with the swimmers within a few minutes and gave two lifejackets. The vest was automatically inflated just before being caught by the swimmer. Meanwhile, the drone made images and so the condition could be passed on to the rescue workers. A few moments later the swimmer was brought back to the coast with a jet ski.