Driver update: nVidia Detonator 6.72

The-Ctrl-Alt-Del has published leaked nVidia Detonator drivers again. This is version 6.72 for Win95/98/Me. you can do them here take down. Thanx yodax for your tip. on Guru3D the results are said not to be great:

BTW – results don’t seem to be very stunning. The variance .1 fps in Q3A and 46 3D Marks is simply small.

But hey, perhaps some small compatibility issues will be solved for you huh ?
Robszombie sent us direction RIVA Station where you can read:
I received a EMail that the default startpage of the Internet Explorer is changed during the installation of the new leaked v6.72 drivers. It seems that this driver is manipulated, so you should not use that driver!! There are more and more faked or manipulated drivers out there during the past weeks. It seems some people out there have a pretty strange humor (or have a small d**** :-)). Use official NVIDIA reference drivers if you want to make sure to get 100% pure drivers. Or try drivers in the RS files section. I test and virusdetect almost all files I upload to my FTP. But there’s also no 100% security!!

Version number 6.72
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website The-Ctrl-Alt-Del