Driver Update: 3dfx Vodoo4/5 Win9x

At 3D Chipset, the latest leaked drivers for the Voodoo4 and 5 have been blasted down. The version number for these drivers is a bit unclear as 3dfx internally apparently numbers the drivers based on the date and not one that corresponds to official drivers. These drivers were built on October 13 (version number: v1.013.00) and as usual do not contain release notes:

Leaked Voodoo 4 & 5 Win9x & Millennium Drivers

v1.013.00 (we think)

Date: 10/19/00

Size: 2.08mb

Download Here

Release Notes:

– Most recent file is dated: 10/16/00

– Updated OpenGL ICD file: v1.0.0730

– No word yet on performance or increase

Version number 1.013.00
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website 3D Chipset