Dragon Age 4 senior creative director leaves BioWare

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Matt Goldman, the senior creative director of the upcoming RPG Dragon Age 4, has left BioWare. Kotaku reports this based on an internal e-mail. It is not yet known who will take over the role from Goldman.

BioWare executive Gary McKay said in the email that Goldman and BioWare “have mutually agreed to leave each other,” Kotaku writes. Last Tuesday was his last day at the studio behind the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises. “We understand that Matt’s departure will have an impact on you, as well as the development of the game,” McKay told BioWare employees. “Rest assured, our commitment to a high-quality Dragon Age game has not waned and we will not release a game that does not meet BioWare’s standards.”

The developer has now also confirmed the departure to The Verge. Recently, more senior employees have left BioWare. In December 2020, Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah left the studio, along with general manager Casey Hudson. The two both worked for about twenty years at the Canadian studio, which is part of EA. In March, Jonathan Warner, Anthem’s director, also left. That happened shortly after the studio halted work on that game.

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