Doom and Doom II will be updated for 16: 9 display and crosshair

Doom and Doom II have received an update on Steam and other platforms that includes a widescreen display and a crosshair. It is the first time that an official port of the original Doom rendering engine has received support for a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

The widescreen display means that players can see more on the sides of the picture, without losing the picture at the top and bottom. Not only the game itself, but also the title, end and intermediate screens are displayed in 16: 9. Additionally, the patch adds an optionally enable crosshair, which changes color when an enemy is in sight. The patch also adds a new difficulty level called Ultra-Violence +, with enemies just as fast as in Nightmare mode and using only the weapons from deathmatch and co-op modes.

The game will receive support for the PC, Switch and PlayStation 4 gyro aim with controllers, for looking left and right to track enemies with more precision. With iOS, touch-sensitive operation has been improved by using buttons instead of gestures, and there is also support for external MFi controllers. In addition, an fps limiter has been added and on iOS and Android, for example, it can be set to 120fps for 120Hz screens. On the PC, the limiter goes from 30 to 240 and can be set without limit.

The full release notes for the patches are available at Doom Slayer’s Club. Bethesda re-released Doom and Doom II for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 last year, adding 60fps support early this year.